The Susqehanna Modular Fly Tying Table — FrankenFly

Too good not to share. Beautiful work by Hartman Woodworking. Thank you Paul for sharing!

Note from Paul of FrankenFly: Hartman Woodworking built this awesome fly tying table. This particular model of table is a first for Hartman, because it incorporates a NorVise. But what’s really great about Hartman Woodworking building a table is they will customize it to your liking. They excel at this! If you haven’t seen the…

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Yield of Streams: If you remove it, they will come

Great to see an Eastern Massachusetts Stream see positive results from dam removal!

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

Little feet tread through slushy April snow and approach the railing, peering over the edge of the bridge into the cold, flowing water of the Shawsheen River in eastern Massachusetts.

“I see one!”

They counted them 1,2,3.

The Joshi family children shouted out numbers as silver blue blurs glided through the dark water.

“We counted 95,” recalled Andover resident Jon Honea. He explained that this meant that as many as 425 passed by when volunteers weren’t watching.

They were counting river herring­­ – alewives and blueback herring, two closely related species of migratory fish that hadn’t been seen in the river for nearly two centuries.

And while river herring are no Shoeless Joe Jackson, their homecoming to the Shawsheen points to the success of the recent removal of the Balmoral and Marland Place Dams.

“All you have to do is make space,” said Honea, member of the Andover Conservation…

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