How to Kill Trout Quickly on the Fly

Yup, you do this. Say cheese…

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Trout Dying To Get a Good Photo

We all should know the rules for releasing a trout with the best chance of survival, but there is one rule that is almost never included in articles about successful releasing.

So, you have landed the fish as quickly as possible to limit capture stress and you are about to pick up the fish and a get a few ‘grip and grin’ shots before release.

But, grip and grin, can all too often turn into grip and kill, and it is all down to where and how you grip the trout that can determine its survival.

Bish and Fish go over basics to hold trout and ensure proper catch and release techniques. Bish and Fish go over basics to hold trout and ensure proper catch and release techniques.

Have look at the anatomical drawing above showing the main internal structure and components of a trout. Take particular notice where the heart is (red outline) – between and under the…

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Bacon, Jalapenos and a Fly Swap

Bacon, Jalapenos and a Fly Swap

What fly angler doesn’t like bacon, jalapenos and a fly swap. New post is up on the blogspot about the 2nd annual New England Fly Fishing Fly Swap.

Deer Hair Immerger.

What a nice emerger tie! Need to try this one.


The deer hair Immerger.

Presentation is alfa and omega when fishing emergers.

This incredibly simple pattern, truly, it only takes a few minutes to tie! makes emergers into immergers. This technique places your pattern right below the surface film (immersed) as if the insect is actually climbing out of the shuck onto the surface.

Taking my Fender emerger one step further by extending the deer hair parachute post which places the entire hook, and tippet point entirely under the surface…

All you need:

Hook: Mustad C49S

Tying Thread: Dyneema

Body: Moose hair coated with Bug Bond  for Bug Bond see links:

Post: Deer hair wrapped in moose hair coated with Bug Bond

Parachute hackle: Deer hair

Tie your bicolored moose hair body. You can see the full step by step for this in my earlier post ‘Fender parachute’.

Cut and stack a…

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