Fly Flasher App goes Live!

Nice write-up and summary of the new Flyflasher app. I started posting to it last week and it shows great promise.



If you are into tying flies or just love looking at all of the different patterns out there.  This app is for you.

Think of this as Instagram for Flies.  Albeit still in BETA, a lot of great features are yet to come! (Including Android)

We spent the better part of the day as we traveled back from the lower 48 tinkering with Fly Flasher.  Here are some quick thoughts and points on why we Love it.

  • Uploading, browsing and interactions can be done on your mobile device (Phone & iPad) and via
  • Content: It’s all flies, no cats.
  • Flies can be viewed by hash tags, Following (Users you follow), Latest uploads, Most Popular images and Debuts (A user’s first image posting)  This is a cool feature to view images according to the criteria you select.
  • If you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of a…

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Flashback Friday: The R Word

Great post about how we think and act. Thanks for keeping us grounded, Quill.
South Dakota , eh?

The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond

(It is the end of March and Opening Day is less than a month away, meaning the days of the week have lost their meaning around here. With the countdown on, Flashbacks can occur at any time.) 

One of the great things about America is that one has the right to go on being offensive, even as the offended holler, “Stop!”

Some of us get offended that others are offended by our offensiveness and take a stand against Political Correctness by continuing to offend, maybe even ratcheting it up a notch or two. Some of us just say whatever we want because it is our right to do so.

Some of us will say that, whatever it was, it was meant in a good way and no disrespect was intended. Unfortunately, attempts to atone for these inadvertent offenses often come up so short they only make matters worse and give…

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