Interview with Gin Clear Blog Author Dean Wormell — Dock Talk 365

Chris over at Dock Talk 365 contacted me through Instagram about about this interview. I agreed to answer some questions from a “weekend warrior” fly angler’s perspective.

Thank you, Chris, for the opportunity to share my fly angling passion with your readers!

Go visit Chris’ blog for the full interview.

Dean Wormell describes himself as an “occasional blogger”. Dean is an avid fisherman who has a great ability to engage his readers through written word. I have enjoyed reading his blog posts and am so grateful he was willing to take some time to let me ask him a few questions. Your last blog post…

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False Albacore-East Coast

Got to experience the albies from shore and boat this year.

Temple Fork Outfitters

By Nick Curcione, TFO Advisory Staff.

In the previous article I dealt with the long finned albacore we find off the west coast. In this piece I want to take up another member of the clan that concentrates along the east coast known as Little Tunny, or more commonly, false albacore.

little_tunny Nothing ‘false’ about these fish. Photo by TFO. 

From the standpoint of sporting qualities the latter designation is not an accurate description and if you tie into one you’ll know why. There is nothing false about the tenacity of the struggle you’ll experience when one nails your fly. These dynamos of the tuna family can rip off-line with a speed and determination that will put many other star pieces to shame.   For more years than I care to recall I’ve been battling members of the tuna family and every one of the clan is a tough, race- bred adversary…

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