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First off, a huge ‘thank you’ to all who shared, liked, commented and contacted ADF&G on the original post.  You were heard and you made a difference.

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Fly Tying Course # 20 The Stimulator Dry Fly

Stimies are great flies and Barry does this tie justice.


Stimulator-“Something that causes and encourages a given response”IMG_5163

Fly tying course # 20 already! For the many of you that have been following the course, although this fancy dry is a little challenging, if you have practiced, you should be more than capable of tying the stimulator. The only thing to remember is the proportions. If you get one wrong they will all be wrong! 

The original pattern is from the American fly tyer Randall Kaufmann and is probably one of the most popular flies in North America. Originally tied to imitates the adult giant stonefly, but will fish just as well as a hopper or caddis fly.

This well dressed pattern is for fishing rough fast flowing water,  where it can be seen easily at distance and it  floats like a cork. Stimulators are versatile, and although look difficult, are relatively easy to tie, again, it’s all about proportions!…

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Cabelas, shame on you…


ACTION ALERT. How would you like to see this Kenai River Rainbow swimming in a fish tank?

It has come to my attention that the ‘powers to be’ have given the green light to Cabela’s to retain live trout for their in-store display, harvested from the Kenai River. I implore you to reach out to the State of Alaska and ask that this unprecedented access to our local resource be halted immediately. There are plenty of hatchery raised fish, incubated and acclimated to living in tanks that would more than suffice. Thank you for your support in helping keep Alaska’s wild trout…WILD.

HASHTAG your Kenai River Rainbows #saveourtroutfromthetank





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