First Striper on the Fly

First Striper on the Fly

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Friday Fly Chronicle: The Goddard Caddis

Great pattern and producer.

A Trout Ate My Homework



This fly was created by Englishman John Goddard. Goddard wanted to tie a fly that would have great float-ability and visibility in fast water.


The Goddard Caddis is an ideal fly for prospecting for trout and a terrific fly for middle of hot summer pocket water fly fishing. It’s also a great fly for a dry-dropper technique and makes a very good big dry fly to use on lakes and beaver ponds.


Take your time tying them because they can be a little tricky, but after you made a few it’s a very fun fly to work on!


Here is what you need to tie this baby:

Hook: regular dry fly hook in size 18 to 8

Thread: brown or beige is you best in size 0/ or 0/6

Body and wings: deer body hairs in natural colour

Antenna: brown hackle stems stripped of fibres


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