Check out this CastingLifeAway, great meaty ties and entertainment.


I have been slacking on the blog lately. Might be the winter slump. I’m going to get the ball rolling again for 2013, and plan on adding giveaways and more updates for the anyone who actually pays attention to the blog. Haha.

Here are some vise goods for a quick fix.





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This is a great pattern. Very nice, simple step-by-step tying instructions.


X Caddis

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This next fly in the course is the X Caddis. This is a no hackle dry fly that floats extremely well because of the natural buoyancy of the deer hair and Antron tail.

Hook: Mustad R50 94840 # 10-18

Thread: Dyneema

Tail: Cream coloured Poly yarn or Z-Lon

Body: Light Olive Antron dubbing

Wing/head: Deer hair

I can´t recommend the X-caddis enough. No grayling or trout fisherman should be without this pattern in their fly box. The original from John Juraceks and Craig Mathews was intended as a hatching caddis fly that…

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