Taking cues from nature to advance salmon restoration

Some more great research and “lessons learned” about restoring Atlantic salmon stocks.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

This is the fourth feature in a five-part series that follows an Atlantic salmon on its journey upstream to spawn in a tributary of Lake Champlain driven by its instincts (and a pickup truck). Learn why this species disappeared from the lake in the 19th century, and how it is making a comeback today thanks to collaboration by partners in the basin.

“I want you to see this structure out here because it has really informed our thinking about the effects of barriers on fish movement,” said U.S. Geological Survey Research Ecologist Theodore Castro-Santos as we walked across the snow-covered grounds of the Silvio O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center in Turners Falls, Mass., to check out what appeared to be a swimming pool connected to a long cylinder wrapped in plastic.

“This is the Aquatic Biomechanics and Kinematic Research Station. We call it ABiKiS.”

dsc03464 USGS Research Ecologist Theodore Castro-Santos with ABiKiS…

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Interview with Gin Clear Blog Author Dean Wormell — Dock Talk 365

Chris over at Dock Talk 365 contacted me through Instagram about about this interview. I agreed to answer some questions from a “weekend warrior” fly angler’s perspective.

Thank you, Chris, for the opportunity to share my fly angling passion with your readers!

Go visit Chris’ blog for the full interview.

Dean Wormell describes himself as an “occasional blogger”. Dean is an avid fisherman who has a great ability to engage his readers through written word. I have enjoyed reading his blog posts and am so grateful he was willing to take some time to let me ask him a few questions. Your last blog post…

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Family Fall Fly Fishing Firsts

NY and MA Landlocked Salmon

A new blog post is up at the Gin Clear Blogspot page about an awesome day on the water for my son and I.

Check out Family Fall Fly Fishing Firsts.