Great techniques and tips for working with deer hair!


Recently I have had many questions regarding spinning deer hair and the best method of attaining a even open fibered body for deer hair flies. I use this technique on patterns such as G&H Sedge. The other technique is for making cork like bodies from deer hair. Once mastered these techniques can be applied to many patterns.


8You can now begin to wind the dubbing onto the hook shank just like a conventional feather hackle, combing the fibres back with each turn.

You can now begin to wind the dubbing onto the hook shank just like a conventional feather hackle, combing the fibers back with each turn.

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Great tips and flies from an experienced angler.

The Rogue Fly

my new favorite word

Last week Skip Morris gave a presentation on Nymph Fishing at the Southern Oregon Fly Fishers club meeting. Skip and his wife Carol Ann Morris are so in love with fly fishing that they travel, share and educate others all in the effort of bringing more people to fly fishing. They have published amazing fly tying books and videos as well as articles on their website. If you are looking to have Skip and Carol come give a talk at your local club or event drop them a line. The following are five tips that I picked up from his presentation that should help you further your skills when nymph fishing.

1. Stop looking for “Classic Water”.

Close your eyes and think of the perfect trout stream. Once you have that place set in your mind, blow it up! Those places either hardly occur or do not…

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The Fiddle and Creel


So after the AMAZING response from my partnership with the The Fiberglass Manifesto for the Stream Team giveaway, we thought there were some more people, in addition to Grand Prize winner Mr. Nick Bertrand, that we would add to the list of ambassadors on the Stream Team.

So without further adieu, I am pleased to announce the new additions to the SmithFly Stream Team.

Brent Wilson – Uprising Blog
Chase Hundley – Feathers and Scale
Geoff Pratt – Global Fisher
Henry Jackson – Flint River Kayak Fishing
Jason Tucker – Fontinalis Rising
Jay Eubanks – The Naturalists Angle
Brian Kozminski – True North Trout
Mike Sepelak – Mike’s Gone Fishing… Again.
Dave Zielinski – The Happy Trout Chronicles
Rick Mikesell – Trout’s Fly Fishing

Please pay a visit to their sites and read up.

It’s all good stuff!

Thanks guys.

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