Hatching a plan to save salmon

We all need our vitamins… Even salmon.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

dsc03436 Assistant hatchery manager Scott Frost explains the research behind these trays of larval salmon at the White River National Fish Hatchery.  Photo: Bridget Macdonald/FWS

“You have to step on this footpad to come in and out of this area,” cautioned Scott Frost as we crossed into a roped-off section of the White River National Fish Hatchery. “It has a disinfectant to make sure we don’t drag any contaminants in on our boots.”

Once our boots were clean, Frost, who is the assistant hatchery manager, led me over a row of rectangular structures and rolled up a black curtain to reveal racks of trays alternately labelled with plus and minus signs. Each tray contained hundreds of recently hatched larval salmon.

“These eggs were spawned from wild fish caught migrating from the lake to spawn in Hatchery Brook last fall,” he said. “We incubate the eggs until they get to the ‘eyed’ stage…

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