Trailer: Chuitna – More Than Salmon On The Line

“…now we are considering destroying this entire river to send coal to China.”

The Venturing Angler

Chuitna – More Than Salmon On The Line Trailer from Trip Jennings on Vimeo.

Last week we posted information about the Save the Chuitna campaign and issues related to a proposed coal mine in Alaska. Today a trailer has dropped for a film on the issue.

From the filmmaker:

“Chuitna chronicles the journey of conservation-minded fly fishermen who travel to Alaska’s unspoiled Chuitna Watershed to wade waist-deep into its salmon-rich waters and the fight to defeat the proposed Chuitna Coal Mine. Join the effort to save the Chuitna here:

The film was produced by Balanced Media and supported by Patagonia. To watch the full length film, click below to see when it will be showing near you or stay tuned for the online release in the summer of 2015.

To check out more on Save the Chuitna, please click here.  … And stay tuned! We’re…

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