Beast of a Sling!

Great review of the Vedavoo TL Beast Sling Pack.


When I was in NJ a few years ago stuck in a hotel room for months on end with nothing to look forward to then my Norvise, a bottle of cheap whiskey, and a few weekend trips to seem some friends in the region.old frinedsIt was hard to find the fly tying outlet I needed!  I hunted down every fly shop, sporting goods store, and bait shop I could find on my Google maps without a whole lot luck. Most were a mix of gun/bait/saltwater sports shops.  I sure as hell was not in Montana any more.  As I set out on my daily missions to find my newest tying necessity, deer belly hair (thanks to Pat Cohen’s video),hotel deer hairwpid-camera_Hagrid_Devine_Ground.jpg

I stumbled on to an advertisement for the FLY SHOW in Somerset, NJ. It was only a few hours away and I decided it would be great way to get back…

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