Things You Need to Know About Catch-and-Release

Good reminders about C&R fishing.

Temple Fork Outfitters

TFO Courtesy of Mia Sheppard, Teddy Roosevelt Conversation Partnership.

Mia Sheppard is an accomplished guide, casting teacher and conservationist. Recently, she penned this article about ‘catch-and-release’ and some of her tips on how to protect the resource.

For more on Mia and her work for the Teddy Roosevelt Conversation Partnership, please visit:

©Nicholas Conklin. ©Nicholas Conklin.

“When our daughter was three she watched her dad harvest a hatchery steelhead; it was the first time she had ever seen one of us kill a fish. Horrified, she almost started to cry. We had to console her and explain that it was OK, that the fish was from a hatchery and was produced for take. In her mind, all fish should be catch and release, and to this day she still believes all fish should be returned to the water.

I practice catch and release, but don’t take me for a purist. I love to…

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