Lafkas’ Modern Deceiver _ White River Fly Tying Series

Awesome articulated streamer tie (without a fish skull).

The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal

If our winter streamer guiding is akin to the proverbial duck paddling on a pond, serene on the surface and a flurry of activity underneath, our friend and colleague Alex Lafkas might just be the motor fuelling the frenzy.

Lafkas might really be one of the fishiest cats I know, and after 15 years in the business I’ve met quite a few. In part its driven by his incessant curiosity, and questioning of every component of catching big trout. And despite that quickfire Yankee conversational style, he has an amazing capacity to absorb information, categorize and file it away for future digestion. Its frenetic fun when he lands kicking starting the more mellow southern style.

The funny thing is, having spoken to many of his clients over the years he’s been with us, the hyper Lafkas we get to live with is replaced by the mellow guide Lafkas _ all…

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