Proper Handling of Trout _ Davy Wotton

Some good advice from Davy Wotton on giving trout the best opportunity to survive for catch & release anglers.

The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal


Hold brown trout at the wrist in front of the tail and cradle the body in your other hand


Davy Wotton answers the question of how to handle trout properly, and in particular during winter temperatures


The simple answer to this question is this, with as little stress as possible.

Assuming you are using barbless hooks the most common reason for mortality is due to how fish are handled  be that with a net or hands that causes loss of the protective membrane that is the trout’s answer to ward of bacterial infections.
Once a bacterial infection takes hold its more or less a death sentence. If at all possible avoid use of a net.
Subjecting a fish to excessive time out of the water, worse when temperatures are high and low.
The membranes in a trout’s gill are very delicate they are also the means that…

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